Why join Grinder U?

  • Professional Coaches — Grinder U is run by professional poker coaches rather than pros. We know how to teach what we do rather than just make hundreds of hours of video of ourselves playing.
  • Live chats — We host live chats multiple times per week. These are two-hour webinars where you can ask any questions you have and get them answered by a professional.
  • Strongly Maintained Forums — These forums are actually useful. Negative or obnoxious posters are banned immediately and kicked off the site. We don't need their $25 a month that bad!
  • Focused on Live Play — There are lots of sites that teach online poker, but who really plays online for serious money anymore? No one in America!
  • Complete Guides — A pro babbling for an hour doesn't teach you much compared to a complete guide to each game written by a pro who crushes that game. From no-limit holdem to badugi and everything in between, we have guides for every game that will teach you the important strategies to get you up to speed quickly.
  • Geared Toward the Grinder — Our videos and guides don't feature the ultra high stakes games that many pros play. They show working players crushing the lower-limit games where recreational players are common. Whether you are a hobbyist looking to improve, or a grinder looking to make a living or improve your win rate, our instruction focusing on games at reasonable limits will be refreshing after watching so many training sites that feature nosebleed stakes.
  • Shoutbox! — Communicate with other logged in members in real time all the time, including our pros.
  • Reviews — From books to other training sites, we aren't exclusive and we cover everything useful. If you find anything good in the world of poker training, we want to hear about it and we'll be happy to talk about it on our forums and in our guides and weekly chats.

Our Team

    • PPN Player of the Year, Chris Fox Wallace, playing at the WSOP Poker Player Newspaper Player of the Year, Chris “Fox” Wallace
      • Strategy
      • Theory
      • Mixed Games
    • Dr. Al Schoonmaker
      • Psychology
      • Winning Approach
      • Bonus & VIP Programs
    • Instructor Adam Stemple playing Razz at the WSOP Adam Stemple
      • Tilt Control
      • Alternate Games
      • Omaha
    Our instructors have thousands of hours of experience teaching poker and over a dozen published books on the subject.