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Chris 'Fox' Wallace is a professional poker player, poker coach, and the author of No Limits: The Fundamentals of No-Limit Holdem. He writes a monthly column for Bluff Magazine and has been working with students to help them improve their game for eight years with extraordinary success.

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ICM 101

One of the first things a serious tournament player learns is that his stack is rarely worth what it appears to be. With the advent of ICM calculators in recent years we can actually figure out what a stack is worth, and this allows us to figure out correct strategy in many situations where we only had an educated guess a few years ago. ICM is valuable because it allows us to see the difference between cash game situations and tournaments, where the payout structure has a significant effect on correct play. Let’s start with a quick explanation of how ICM works. ICM is short for Independent Chip Modeling, and it is based on the idea that the bigger your stack...
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Game Theory 101

The Importance of Game Theory in Poker There are a number of great players who claim to know very little or no poker theory at all. Most of these players have an intuitive understanding of the theory behind their plays, even if they haven’t read books on the topic. And while you could be a great player and make lots of money without understanding any solid theory, it’s very (VERY) tough to do and almost everyone without basic knowledge about the math and logic would make more money if they learned some theory. Bottom line – it will help you make money. Game Theory itself is a huge amount of knowledge, and much too large a subject to try and...
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The Rule of Two and Four

The simplest way to calculate odds in Texas holdem is by using the rule of two and four. It’s not perfect, but it’s close enough in most cases and definitely the best way to know the odds quickly at the table. Here’s how the rule of two and four works.  On the flop, you can calculate the odds of making a draw by the river by multiplying the number of outs, or cards that will make your hand, by four. With only one card to come, whether you are on the turn, or on the flop but expecting your opponent to go all-in on the turn, you can estimate your odds of making your hand by multiplying your outs by two. So… If you have a flush draw,...
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