Professional No-Limit Holdem: Volume 1

Mehta, Flynn, and Miller did a great job with this book. We thought no-limit couldn’t be broken down into a formula, but they have come close to doing exactly that giving no-limit players a set of rules to work with that will keep them out of trouble. The writing is well done and concise, if a bit dry at times, and each concept is clearly explained. The only complaint we have heard is that the book can be a tough read. It contains a lot of information and can be a lot of work because it feels more like studying a serious textbook than reading Poker for Dummies, but if you are serious about making money playing no-limit cash games...
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No Limits: The Fundamentals of No-Limit Holdem

While the authors, Wallace and Stemple, are prominent instructors, this book would get a five star rating from us regardless because it is by far the best book on no-limit cash games. The key to Wallace’s approach is his ability to break the game down into it’s component parts and Stemple helps him explain these concepts in ways that are easy to understand. Once the reader understands correct strategy, they are free to use their own creativity to exploit their opponent’s mistakes. We particularly liked the hand examples in the strategy chapters and the chapters on hand reading and bankroll management. These are overlooked concepts in most poker books, and they are incredibly valuable. The simple starting hands guide at...
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