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PLO: Sections 1-3

1. Introduction Pot-Limit Omaha (PLO) has never overtaken no-limit Holdem in popularity as its proponents have been threatening for many years now, but it’s appeal has definitely grown. Even here in the midwest, where limit O8 or 7-Stud has long been ensconced as the secondary game to Holdem, Omaha High has definitely made inroads. At Running Aces these days, it’s far more likely to see the 2-100 Spread-Limit Omaha (we have no pot limit or no limit in Minnesota—don’t get me started), than Omaha Hi-Lo. It is also a game that generates a huge amount of action, more so than Holdem. And finally, people play it very, very badly. All of that adds up to a game that you’re going...
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