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The Rule of Two and Four

The simplest way to calculate odds in Texas holdem is by using the rule of two and four. It’s not perfect, but it’s close enough in most cases and definitely the best way to know the odds quickly at the table. Here’s how the rule of two and four works.  On the flop, you can calculate the odds of making a draw by the river by multiplying the number of outs, or cards that will make your hand, by four. With only one card to come, whether you are on the turn, or on the flop but expecting your opponent to go all-in on the turn, you can estimate your odds of making your hand by multiplying your outs by two. So… If you have a flush draw,...
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Study Guide: Fixed-Limit Holdem

Our study guides include books to read, sites to join, and coaches who can help you improve. Each guide has enough information to keep you busy for some time, and as you are studying we invite you to ask questions on the forums and check for new content on the site that involves the games you are studying. These guides will be updated as new content appears, so check back often and let us know if you see a resource that should be added....
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