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Creating a False image

Your opponents react, not to what you are, but to what they think you are, and their first impressions have a huge impact on their image of you and the way they process all later information. They will overemphasize information that fits their first impressions and ignore or minimize conflicting data. When you play with a group of strangers, it often pays to create a false first impression. GENERAL PRINCIPLES To have the maximum impact, start with highly visible actions that color everything they will see later. Straddles are very visible, especially if you straddle the first few times you’re in position. Raises, especially check-raises, are much more visible than calls, and checks and folds are almost invisible. If you...
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Fox plays Badugi. Why, we’re not sure. Your browser does not support the video tag. Please upgrade to a more modern browser....
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What’s the Best Game for YOU?

Mason Malmuth was emphatic: “Once you reach a certain level of competence at poker, your most important decision by far is game selection.” 1 If you choose the right games, you will win. If you pick the wrong ones, you will lose. It really is that simple. Despite its extreme importance, relatively little has been written about game selection, and many players don’t know which games are best for them. I’ve italicized “for them,” because game selection is extremely individualistic. The best game for you may be a bad one for me and vice versa. This article will discuss the general principles you should apply when choosing a game, and it ends with several specific questions. Answer them ASAP. Read...
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