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Primer on Bubble Play

Playing correctly on the bubble of a multi-table tournament, especially those with large fields, is imperative to achieving a high win rate. It’s a boring first sentence isn’t it? I already broke the cardinal rule of a short essay writer and gave you a boring first sentence and now I expect you to keep reading this whole article? Yes, I absolutely expect you to keep reading, because questions about how to play on the bubble are so frequent, and the answers are so important. The key to understanding correct bubble play is taking a step back from the immediate situation and looking at the tournament as a whole. We are all very aware of the fact that the money is in...
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Heads Up SNG Sheet

This is the basic spreadsheet that Fox used to crush heads up sit and go tournaments online. It covers all the basics and you can click on it to see a full size copy or right click and ‘save image as’ to save your own copy. We will have a video describing the use of this video soon.   To download the complete spreadsheet in Excel format, click HERE.  ...
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ICM 101

One of the first things a serious tournament player learns is that his stack is rarely worth what it appears to be. With the advent of ICM calculators in recent years we can actually figure out what a stack is worth, and this allows us to figure out correct strategy in many situations where we only had an educated guess a few years ago. ICM is valuable because it allows us to see the difference between cash game situations and tournaments, where the payout structure has a significant effect on correct play. Let’s start with a quick explanation of how ICM works. ICM is short for Independent Chip Modeling, and it is based on the idea that the bigger your stack...
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