Grinder U is dedicated to teaching the game of poker in a way that helps our students become successful without breaking their bankroll. We are on our way to having the largest library of free poker training material anywhere in the world, and a membership to our forums only costs $7 a month. 

  • Free Training Material¬†– We offer free training material from the best coaches in the world. Some of these coaches charge hundreds of dollars per hour for lessons, but they have shared the basics of what they do with our free members here on Grinder U.


  • Study Guides – Our study guides, written by expert coaches, give you a chance to work on your education at your own pace without wasting time on books, links, or coaches that aren’t useful for you. Follow our study guides to learn the game the right way and avoid wasting time wandering the wrong paths.


  • Forums – Public forums are full of trolls and loudmouths and post count tends to mean more than helpful advice. Even many private forums aren’t much better. Our pros actually participate on our forums and trolls are banished immediately, giving our forums a real sense of community and making them a positive learning environment.


  • Resources – We have developed resources for players including a results tracker to help you find your actual win rates in different games, a hand analysis spreadsheet to help you find the right plays, and other downloadable information to help you succeed.


  • Shoutbox – Any time you are logged into the forums you can talk to other members in real time in our shoutbox. Make friends and be part of our community.


  • Video – We use video to teach you how to use the resources on our site, work on your game, and give you a chance to watch working pros explain why the make the plays that make them rich.


  • Audio – Download our podcasts and listen at the table. There is no more efficient way to learn while you play.