Professional No-Limit Holdem: Volume 1

Mehta, Flynn, and Miller did a great job with this book. We thought no-limit couldn’t be broken down into a formula, but they have come close to doing exactly that giving no-limit players a set of rules to work with that will keep them out of trouble. The writing is well done and concise, if a bit dry at times, and each concept is clearly explained.

The only complaint we have heard is that the book can be a tough read. It contains a lot of information and can be a lot of work because it feels more like studying a serious textbook than reading Poker for Dummies, but if you are serious about making money playing no-limit cash games then you need to be willing to study.

Professional No-Limit Holdem makes a great companion book to study along with Stemple and Wallace’s No Limits, providing the Yin to their Yang by giving players some structure rather than just giving them knowledge. This book gives you the armor, No Limits gives you the weapons – You will want both if you are going into battle.


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