Why Grinder U?

At Grinder University we are bringing the best coaches and players in the world together to share their knowledge. The basic and intermediate stuff is all out there anyway, so why not gather it in one place and teach it the right way? The really advanced stuff can’t be taught with a simple video of a pro playing or an article or two, but you can book lessons with our coaches, attend seminars, or ask them questions on the forums once you have learned as much as you can from our free teaching materials.

Grinder U focuses on the games you are actually playing. While most poker training sites are still focused on online poker and videos of big name pros running good in tournaments or playing in nosebleed stakes cash games, we are focused on beating the lower limits where most working pros make a living. We are also focused primarily on live games, because our site is in English and most people who speak English don’t play online poker anymore. We hope online poker comes back someday, but right now it’s not good enough or safe enough to take the risk trying to make a living online when live games are softer and more fun.

Our Features Page also describes many of the resources we use to help you become a better player and study efficiently. There is some wonderful technology available for teaching that most sites have ignored and we are working to use that technology efficiently and make sure it’s implementation is smooth.

We also love the chance to control our own workplace and build a pleasant community. We are more than willing to kick anyone off the site who is making life hard for others. We are proud to be “troll free” and our members have nothing but good things to say about the way we run the site, the forums, and the way we interact with our members.

$7 a month for our forum membership is a great value, and it also allows us to kick anyone off the forums if they are causing trouble. We don’t care about $7 a month, so behave yourself or you are outta here! This creates a very positive educational environment for our paid members, with no spam or angry flame wars to distract from the primary focus – making money!